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An inspirational video series about people building startups.

BMC is an acronym for Builders, Makers, & Creators. We have real conversations about the real life struggles of starting a real business from nothing. We want to share stories from people who really went through the grinder, to encourage more founders to find their own path, and to help you make your own contribution to the world. So, let's get some more BMCs funded.

Hosted by Hong Quan (@Quan) and produced by Van Nguyen (@thegoleffect).


May 20, 2020 | s02e03
Jonathan Basker: #JobHunting #Resumes
Hong (@quan) and Jonathan (@basker) have a chat about finding a job during downturns and how to prepare yourself for the best outcome.
May 5, 2020 | s02e02
Arlan Hamilton: #VC #Underrepresented
Hong (@quan) and Arlan (@arlanwashere) have a chat about the wild ride of investing in underrepresented groups, venture capital, and her new book.
May 5, 2020 | s02e01
Brian M. Wang: #StartupDad #ExecCoach
Hong (@quan) and Brian (@brianmwang) have a candid chat about parenthood while founding a startup business, how founder egos can get in the way (and how to fix it), and what is executive coaching.
Apr 22, 2020 | s01e07
Christine Tsai: #500Startups #Fundraising
Hong (@quan) and Christine (@christine_tsai) talk about venture capital firm & accelerator 500Startups (500S), its international expansion, and how to attract more diversity in entrepreneurship.
Apr 15, 2020 | s01e06
Steve Blick: #Marketing #Cycling
Hong (@quan) and Steve (@blick) talk about their love of cycling, what marketing is, how to do marketing well, and how it is evolving over time.
Apr 8, 2020 | s01e05
Joyce Park: #RealTalk #WomenInTech
Hong (@quan) and Joyce (@troutgirl) talk about 106miles, the realities of Silicon Valley ecosystem, women in technology, and how to succeed in a more gender balanced economy...
Apr 1, 2020 | s01e04
Liên Johnson: #StartupMom #Homeschool
Hong (@quan) and Liên (@paliendrome) talk about homeschooling, how parenting applies to starting over and building a business, gender/racial/etc balance in companies, and how your heritage can drive ...
Mar 10, 2020 | s01e03
Marc Randolph: #Netflix #BookTour
Hong (@quan) and Marc (@mbrandolph) talk about Marc's newest book, how to develop effective company culture, and share some stories about the early days of Netflix. Topics include: how an editor led ...
Mar 4, 2020 | s01e02
Aye Moah: #FemaleFounder #Profitable
Hong (@quan) and Aye (@ayemoah) talk about the struggles of being an immigrant founder, how to creatively hustle and raise money, and about paying forward your success.
Feb 26, 2020 | s01e01
Jason Shen: #Athleticism #Startups #YC
Hong (@quan) and Jason (@JasonShen) talk about the realities of starting a company, how to set yourself apart, working in government, and discover a similarity between the experiences of Asian Americans...

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